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$124,550 raised

$125,000 Goal

$124,550 raised

$125,000 Goal

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Run, roll, walk or swim 26km in March – as fast as you can.

Turn your fitness into a way to create a more resilient Australia.

Race for a mother, child, family and friend. Race for people and communities affected by extreme weather events, emergencies, conflict and isolation. Race to represent the resilience and wellbeing of all 26 million people in Australia.

You can be there so that Red Cross can be there when it matters most. Because no one should face a crisis alone.

Thank you for taking part in #thehumanrace

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    Who will you race for?

    James is a Red Cross Recovery Officer, currently working in communities to support recovery from the floods in northern New South Wales, from Ballina, down the coastal part of the Richmond Valley, Woodburn, New Italy and Coraki.

    On the surface, it’s an overwhelmingly huge job. But thanks to the strength of the communities, and the willingness of so many to help, flood-impacted places across Queensland and New South Wales are on the road to recovery.

    “The task at hand seems absolutely mammoth. But when you get in there and get it done, [you get so much help]. There were just people who would come from everywhere, all over the east coast to come and [support] communities like us.”

    You can help to empower communities who have experienced extreme weather events to rebuild their lives and remain strong in the face of adversity. Sign up to The Human Race today.

    How we protect humanity


    Australians supported during 42 emergency activations


    Aged care/community visits


    Refugees provided with settlement services

    “The sense of community and the concept of community and recovering from a disaster is the core element, it’s the key ingredient of recovery.”

    – James, Red Cross Recovery Officer

    Have any questions?

    If you’ve got any questions about The Human Race or the work that Australian Red Cross does, reach out and email us at We’d love to hear from you.