The Human Race 2024

What is The Human Race?

The Human Race is our signature peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, and the challenge takes place from 1-31 March.

The Human Race is open to people of all ages and abilities who want to be a champion for humanity.

Simply decide how far you want to go for humanity this March, then sign up and start raising vital funds. You can run, walk, roll, swim – or choose any other activity you like.  

As you go the extra mile, every dollar you raise will help make sure Australian Red Cross teams can be there on the front line – whenever and wherever disaster strikes.

Why should I sign up to The Human Race?

You will be helping people survive tough times.

Every day of the year, volunteers hit the streets in our Soup Patrol van and serve hot, nutritious meals to some of the most vulnerable people in Perth and Fremantle. The Soup Patrol van visits designated spots where people are already waiting each night.

It's a safe, welcoming atmosphere as volunteers bring out soup, bread, and fruit. Sometimes, there’s extra food, toiletries, clothing and blankets – free to whoever needs them, as Danielle, who runs Soup Patrol, explains:

“You don’t need to justify or explain your suffering or even tell us your name for our help..this is the immediate, practical help people need to survive without stigma or embarrassment.

Richard, who volunteers with his wife Denise, says people rely on the Soup Patrol. Lately, he has met a lot more people simply falling into homelessness. "We’re starting to see mothers and children living in cars. It’s rare to see children, but there has been more this year.

"I think it’s the cost of living. And it’s difficult to get rental properties in Perth, and what’s available is expensive. We’re hearing a lot of stories of people couch surfing and sleeping in their cars."

Danielle has met families sleeping in cars after a rent hike left them without a choice, young people couch surfing to escape homes filled with violence, and older people sleeping rough after a crisis unravelled their lives.

"Anyone’s life can quickly change. People have told me how their lives fell apart after the death of a loved one, a job loss, a relationship breakdown, abuse, or deteriorating mental health. Sometimes, it’s drugs and alcohol. Often, it’s many overlapping reasons."

Being without a home is more than living on the streets. It’s sleeping in cars, abandoned buildings, and crisis shelters. It’s drifting from couch to couch as the hospitality of another friend wears out. The increasing cost of living impacts individuals and families, making it harder for them to access essential resources and support in a crisis.

"Soup Patrol is where we start meeting a fundamental need," says Danielle.

“I’ve seen the immediate relief on people's faces as they wrap their hands around a cup of a warm, nourishing soup. It's that moment they know you've turned up for them and see them for who they are beyond this crisis.

Everyone matters and deserves to be treated with dignity and fairness, not judged by their circumstances or past."

18,450 members and volunteers acted for humanity

1,639 staff who helped and supported people

423 Australian Red Cross branches and groups led by members inspired social connection in communities.

I70 member-run activities took place at 48 locations across Australia.

324,000+ people received support during and after disasters.

33 emergency activations across the country.

4 million+ people accessed information from disaster preparedness campaigns.

53,000+ people trained in first aid.

19,700+ people from 125 countries helped through our migration support programs in Australia.

7,788 tonnes of humanitarian aid products provided across the globe.

8,256 people participated in “In Search of Safety” community education sessions.

153,000+ meals delivered to older people.

When humanity is championed, anything is possible

Have any questions?

If you’ve got any questions about The Human Race or the work that Australian Red Cross does, reach out and email us at contactus@redcross.org.au. We’d love to hear from you.