Alexander MacPherson

The Human Race

Sundae Strolls or Jog,, Swim, Scooter, Cycle while Fundraising for the Australian Red Cross

Help us be champions for humanity.

We've joined The Human Race, a fitness challenge supporting the work of Australian Red Cross.  

This March, we're showing how far we’ll go to raise crucial funds and help people and communities cope with disaster, conflict, isolation, and other crises. 

No one should have to face a crisis alone. By supporting our efforts in The Human Race, you’ll help make sure Australian Red Cross teams can continue to be there for people and communities when it matters most.  
So please support the movement of people helping people and make a tax-deductible donation today. 

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Friends Of Thomas Holt Memorial Village Sutherland

Well done Alexander you have gone hard all of March for the Hunan Race challenge for an amazing charity at 15 years old. Your family are proud of you


Friends Of Brisbane Sde Super Sapphires

Great job Sundae Strolls you’ve exceeded yr goals! Keep it up only a week to go



Friends of PCYC basketball - great job on yr fundraising challenge Sandy



Keep it up ! Over half way to your goals, great fundraising and running


Macpherson Family

1km to go! Great job Sandy well done. All yr family are behind you.



Great job loved the cycling Sundae Strolls



You are half to your fundraising fitness goal of 30 kms - well done at 15, keep up the great work.



Great job for such a worthy cause ! The final week so every donation makes a difference - well done Alexander at 15



No problem happy to donate! $48 in 48 hours is a great challenge for such a worthy cause!


Alexander Macpherson



Congratulations at 15 years on signing up to such a worthy cause!



Well done Alexander at 15 years, you have exceeded your fundraising goal and done over two thirds of your The Human Race physical challenge goal!


Friends Of Nelson Bay Tennis Club

Well done Sandy happy to support a worthy charity 24 in 24 hrs Friends of Nelson Bay Tennis Club