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Maddie Sheedy

You’re the best, few day to go, keep going ❤️


Patsy Hill

Go Adele 💪🏻💪🏻


Deirdre O’brien

You’re a crazy woman Adele, but admirably crazy. Big respect for you taking on this challenge ♥️


Barbara Cullen

Good on you, Adele.


Margaret Carney

You don't have to run all the way!


Jennie Carney

Fabulous cause Go Adele!


Ian Kaufmann




M & D

Excellent achievement Adele! 🙌


Leyla B

Great cause, go Adele!







Peter Carney

Enjoy the run


The Burtons

Go Adele🙂


Hannah T

Run Del Run!




Shan Dante

Damn, she REALLY ran all that way 😳👌


Adele Carney