How does my fundraising help?

The money you raise powers thousands of acts of kindness, connecting others so they don’t have to face crisis alone.

It could be a package of groceries or a safe place to go. Help to find a family member or information to keep a family safe. A phone call at a lonely time or a case worker who’ll stand by someone’s side. It gives people the support they need to cope with hard times.

Your act helps people like Hugh.

At 93, Hugh has lived a long and happy life, surrounded by a loving family. When his wife Lillian died nine years ago, Hugh found himself living alone. “I stayed in the house because I couldn’t bear the thought of living in a hospital,” he says.

With a bad knee and only one eye that works, Hugh doesn’t venture out of the house much, but he still enjoys the company of others.

His life has been enriched by a weekly visit from Vicky, a Red Cross volunteer. He says her visits are one of the most important things in his life today.

“It’s made all the difference in the world. I look forward to Fridays - Friday is my happy time,” he says.

They talk about their families, books and music, and have become good friends. Hugh goes even further to describe Vicky as family.

“I’ve been lucky ever since the day I was born, everything always turned out right.” He counts himself lucky for the social connection he has through Red Cross and Vicky.

$12 can provide a phone call and give people who are elderly and live alone someone to talk to. 

Your act helps people like Chloe.

When two-year-old Chloe and her mum, Tara, faced Cyclone Seroja in Kalbarri, WA, Chloe was terrified. Torrential rain gushed in through the windows and doors. The howling wind started to buckle and lift the roof. Chloe and Tara huddled in a room until the cyclone passed.

The next day they went to a recovery hub, where Red Cross volunteers helped Chloe deal with the trauma of the cyclone. She was given hand-knitted Trauma Teddies to help ease her nightmares, and a special Red Cross colouring book that teaches kids how to cope after an emergency.

Tara was grateful for the support and comfort. “Red Cross teams were amazing. They picked up the pieces of all those who were vulnerable. They knew I was struggling and they were so helpful.”

$20 can train a Red Cross volunteer to support people who have experienced trauma.

Your act helps people like Preeti.

Preeti came to Australia from India as a young mum, looking for better opportunities for her and her family. “When you come to a new place you have to re-establish yourself, you have to start from scratch and that can be a bit stressful and depressing. But when you have support from other women who are also facing similar issues, that gives you the confidence to come out of it.”

Connected Women is a program run in the Northern Territory to help migrant women, including refugees and asylum seekers, make connections, learn new skills, and thrive in their new home. Most have moved thousands of kilometres and arrive not knowing anyone and speaking little English.

With support from the program, Preeti found work in her field and has formed bonds that have changed her life. She now volunteers with the program and helps other women like herself.

“You learn new things,” says Preeti. “It’s a bond, it’s a lifetime bond that you create here. I feel like I’m coming back home when I come back here.”

$60 can help a family seeking asylum in Australia with a new baby essentials kit, containing nappies, formula, bottles and onesies. 

Your act helps people like Peter.

Tiraapendi Wodli means ‘protecting home’ in Kaurna language. Every month, more than 200 people visit Red Cross’ Tiraapendi Wodli Community Hub in Port Adelaide, South Australia, to access a range of services, including men’s and women’s social groups, family support programs, youth mentoring and assistance with getting a driver’s license.

Peter was one of those people. He walked in and immediately felt a connection to the staff, volunteers and the work they were doing. He became a volunteer himself.

"It's got me out of the house. I was in a low self-esteem, no confidence mode. I was just...doing nothing with my life up until I walked into here,” he says.

Learning from his own experiences in the justice system, Peter is passionate about being an advocate for his community, someone the next generation can look up to as an example.

The focus of the Hub is justice reinvestment – investing in measures to prevent people from ending up in the justice system.

People like Peter play a vital role at the Hub. He’s a trusted voice in the community, someone who has been through what they’ve been through. He’s recently transitioned from volunteer to working as a Red Cross Aboriginal Families Thrive Support Officer – achieving a huge personal goal and empowering him to take his justice reform work even further, helping more people and changing more lives.

"This place feels like home. I belong here.”

$50 can help provide tea, coffee and other welcoming items for our community hubs.

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