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We're fundraising for Australian Red Cross

We’ve joined The Human Race, a challenge that acts for humanity by supporting the work of Australian Red Cross. 

This month is Xavier’s 10th birthday.

We’ve had lots of conversations when we see crisis in our world. We stand by the belief that in times of challenge, you always look for the helpers. Not just the helpers you see but the helpers behind the scenes who are there often for weeks, months or longer. 

In 10 years Xavier has witnessed drought, flood, bushfire, been on the edge of a Tropical Cyclone and seen disasters play out on foreign soil. 

Our indomitable Sue R and Travelling Ted have inspired us to put our feet forward and contribute to the Red Cross efforts. 

No one should have to face a crisis alone. Extreme weather events and emergencies won’t stop, and neither will Red Cross and Red Crescent.  

When you support our efforts in The Human Race, you’ll be making sure that Red Cross can be there for vulnerable people and communities when it matters most.

Thank you for supporting us.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Bek Cramp

I'm proud of you both for taking this challenge on.


Jenni Elmes

In appreciation of Red Cross, Telecross.🙂


Judy Gibson

Well done team xx


Emily Harrison


Eva Laird

Awesome work boys, keep it up!!


Aunty Em & Cousin Om Menon

Go boys go!! Cheering you on from India!!


Ethel Pastor

Well done X and S. God bless!🙏😇🥰 Love: Pastor Family


Aunty W

Livin' the dream and helping others along the way. Well done boys


Katie Johnston

Go team 🚲 We all need support and kindness 🥰🥰


Alyce Newby

Well done Boys Very proud of the little people you are turning into!! Love Apryl and Alyce


Simon, Toby And Charlie Brown

Love from the Brown Boys: Simon, Toby and Charlie



Go X and S!!!



What a great team you are X & S and look what you’ve achieved this month- well done 👏👏


Veronica Hyland

Love you boys ❤️ champions of the future


Megan & Gautam

Great work X and S


Justine Williams

Well done, X and S! Thank you for caring


Danielle P

Well done boys 👍


Sue Roden

Well done X and S. I’m so pleased you are supporting Red Cross to help those in need. Best wishes Travelling Ted