Rose Rhodes

The Human Race

I'm fundraising for Australian Red Cross

I’ve joined The Human Race, a challenge that acts for humanity by supporting the work of Australian Red Cross. 

In view of the many many disasters in Australia and across the world - recently with the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, this is a small gesture to support the work of Red Cross at home and abroad. I am going to Tap dance 26Km =44,000 steps 

No one should have to face a crisis alone. Extreme weather events and emergencies won’t stop, and neither will I. When you support my efforts in The Human Race, you’ll be making sure that Red Cross can be there for vulnerable people and communities when it matters most.

Thank you for supporting me.

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Stas 29 March

Wednesday 29th Mar
The final stats from Garmin.

The finale!

Wednesday 29th Mar
Yes! This is it! I danced 10834 steps today bringing my March tally to 31.7Km.
Thanks to one of my most generous sponsor, I also managed to exceed my target and raised over $4600!
Thanks to my Tapliner friends who encouraged me dancing with me along the way. Together we danced 104K in 725,543 steps (approximates)
We are celebrating with a chocolate cake that I baked!

1862 steps to go!

Monday 27th Mar
Not quite at 26Km but will surely achieve this by Wednesday.
1862 steps to go!

Week 3 and almost there!

Wednesday 22nd Mar
Today I tapped 7887 steps equates to 4.73 Km. That brings the total steps to 39455 steps. Yoohoo! Just another 4545 steps to go!
Tapliners stats to date are 388Km with 533418 steps! That is over 1/2 million steps. 
We are quite exhausted today!

Tapping to Pennsylvania 6500

Thursday 16th Mar
The Tapliners and Variety Group performed a 1 1/2 hour concert today to about 60 residents at a Residentail Aged Care Home. Everyone enjoyed the show. Below shows some Tappers tapping to Pennsylvania 6500.

Garmin record for 15 March

Wednesday 15th Mar
Garmin record for 15 March

Halfway there and no sore feet!

Wednesday 15th Mar
Yes, I am halfway there having danced 6390 steps today which brings to date a total of 26,126 steps (15.6K)
Tapliners surging ahead as at today having danced collectively 363,690 steps (268.32K)

Wednesday 8 March progress

Wednesday 8th Mar
I tapped 8322 steps today = 5Km
15 Tapliners tapped 124,830 Steps = 75Km

Tap for more?

Tuesday 7th Mar
Just three days' ago, I managed to reach my target of $3200 from my generous sponsors. I was really energised today having received 2 more sponsors totaling $3528! Hence, I have increased the target to $4000. We will continuing tapping for more. Thank you so much!

Getting more donations and tapping along as at 6 March

Monday 6th Mar
The generous donations are still coming in an dthank you to all who donated. 
Today I danced 2214 steps = 1.33Km.
Tapliners today 22140 stepd = 13.3 Km
Collectively to date, the Tapliners, have danced 187,740 steps = 112.6Km which is about halfway to our target!

I reached my target of $3200!

Friday 3rd Mar
Today I reached my target of $3200! Yoohoo!
I hope the donations continues so ARC can better support people in need.

Check this Channel 7 News from Adelaide

Thursday 2nd Mar
  Ray of Sunshine on Channel 7 news last night. Hope you can see it. Molly is 89!

Garmin record day 1

Wednesday 1st Mar
Record on 1 March 5.52Km = 9200 steps
18 Tapliners collectively danced 99.36Km = 165,600 steps!

Today is THE DAY!

Wednesday 1st Mar
10 am - Yes, 1 March has arrived! I am a bit nervous because this morning, I had a short notice that a Jounalist from Channel 7 News will be coming to the Tapliners' practice. I have asked the Ladies to put on lipsticks! 
11.30am - we started our practice.
1.30pm Journalist arrived to film and interview for channel 7 News to night.
3pm - Wow! Measured in my Garmin - 9200 steps = 5.52 Km. 

Almost ready to start the race!

Monday 27th Feb
Tap shoes polished and ready to go!

We are practising in earnest!

Wednesday 22nd Feb
Tapliners practising in earnest!

Tapliners are joining forces with me.

Thursday 16th Feb
My Tap Group will be joining forces with me to help dance the 44,000 steps in March.

Please help me reach above my target of $2000

Monday 13th Feb
Thank you to all my sponsors. I am about to reach my target of $2000. Hopefully I can get more sponsors to go above that. Every bit of donation helps make a difference to people facing crisis. I am humbled.

Thank you to all my sponsors to date

Friday 10th Feb
I am absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of my sponsors who donated to date. Having raised over $600, it is good to know that with $500 it's enough to run an Emergency Operations Centre to coordinate volunteers during time of crisis.
Thank you to you all who donated to support me!

Stepping out

Friday 10th Feb
I have now mapped out my steps. each step equals 0.6M. 
I will need to do 44,000 steps to achieve my goals.
Practiced today for 1000 steps.

Ready to step out.

Thursday 9th Feb
You have not seen much activity as yet because I am still seeking sponsors to donate. 🌹

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sue Vardon

Congratulations for hitting your target Rose


Sue Vardon

I know you can do it. Love sue



Go Rose!


Rose Rhodes


Ross Pinney

Fantastic work Rise!


Diana Mann

Rose, please accept this towards the raising of funds.




James Birch

Well done Rose


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Good luck Rose


Lillian Ong

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another” - Charles Dickens


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Excellent cause, well done Rose


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Go Rose! You are amazing!


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Good luck Rose.


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Donated on behalf of the Tapliners




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Well done, Rose


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So proud of your teams efforts , just sorry there isn’t a video !!


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An amazing challenge. You eserve to do well.


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I wanted to help you reach your target so you can increase it! Go Rose!


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