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I'm fundraising for Australian Red Cross

Help me be a champion for humanity.

Hi everyone, most of you know that I have been working with charities for the past three years and I have to say that the work that Australian Red Cross does is awesome.

During my time as a face-to-face fundraiser, I've met so many people that were personally helped by Australian Red Cross related to floods or any other natural disaster.

I myself have been part of natural disaster twice. When I was in Mumbai during 2005, around 2000 people passed away in the floods and I was very lucky that my family lived in a high-rise apartment.

Second time was in China when Fukushima Nuclear Reactor erupted, and Radiation had travelled to Hong Kong so it was compulsory for us to eat iodine at school. I was very lucky that we could afford such materials.

Sadly, so many people do not get the same opportunity. Here in Australia, more than 70% of the population is living in an area which is likely to go through a natural disaster, where properties will get destroyed. 

If I ever lose my precious house, I can't imagine the impact it will have on my mental health! Thats why I am running 30 km this month to help people that are facing crisis. A small donation of $25 or $50 could be lifechanging! Please help me raise these funds by donating to my page.

(Highest donation on my page also gets a free dinner cooked by me! I make awesome Indian Food)

By the way, it is 100 percent tax deductible :)

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