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The Human Race

I'm fundraising for Australian Red Cross

I’ve joined The Human Race, a challenge that acts for humanity by supporting the work of Australian Red Cross. I’m going all in to help Red Cross be there to protect the 26 million people in Australia when a crisis occurs.

No one should have to face a crisis alone. Extreme weather events and emergencies won’t stop, and neither will I. When you support my efforts in The Human Race, you’ll be making sure that Red Cross can be there for vulnerable people and communities when it matters most.

Thank you for supporting me.

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Tuesday 11th Apr
Thank you to my friends, family, and everybody who supported me throughout the month with kind words of support and generous donations ❤️🏃‍♂️

I am thrilled to have surpassed my initial goal of $500 raised and 4x26km run, and it is only because of the support from all of you that it was possible. Instead we raised $2600+  and ran 10x26km! How awesome is that!?

Human Race Run #10

Thursday 30th Mar
Finishing up my 26kms for the month with an early run to the city and a Princes Park session with Tanaka Run Club. Another lovely run nearly entirely in the rain!

Human Race Run #9

Thursday 30th Mar
Second last! I got absolutely DRENCHED. Ran in the rain the whole time, and accidentally paused Strava half-way!

Human Race Run #8

Friday 24th Mar
We're nearly there! Only two to go for the month. A bit on the slower side with this one, but it was the best I had felt afterwards. I think I'm starting to get used to the distance. 

Thank you again to all those who have supported me!

Human Race Run #7

Friday 24th Mar
A nice circuit after work, the weather has treated me well so far! 

Human Race Run #6

Friday 17th Mar
Four more for the month!  Bit of a weird loop this one, it was the most difficult of the month so far, but having done it, I can afford to rest a bit more before the next one!

Halfway Update - Human Race Run #5

Friday 17th Mar
I am surprised and impressed with my own efforts and unbelievably stoked with the generosity of my friends and family! At this point I have run over 125km this month and raised over $1500! 

My original goal was to run 5 for the month, from hereon, we're aiming for 10x26km!

Thank you everybody!

Human Race Run #4

Friday 17th Mar
My quickest run yet! Certainly felt it the next day. 

Human Race Run #3

Wednesday 8th Mar
Third run done and dusted. Beautiful running around Birrarung and Studley Park. Roadworks and a few wrong turns made for some interesting developments. 

Human Race Run #2

Sunday 5th Mar
Second 26km down! I pushed the pace a bit on the paths in South East Melbourne and was pleased to crack 2:00:00!

Human Race Run #1

Sunday 5th Mar
First 26km for the month was a tough one. I made the most of the early start on a dreary morning  as I ran to the city and finished with a speed session with friends at Tanaka Run Club

Hello Friends!

Wednesday 22nd Feb

This March I will try my hand at fundraising for the Australian Red Cross’ Human Race campaign. 

The idea with this campaign is to run, roll, walk or swim 26km during March to represent the Australian Red Cross’ commitment to the 26 million people living in Australia. My goal is to raise $1500 as I do my best to reach that 26km milestone as many times as I can this month. 

My current goal is to reach 26km five times over the month, just over once per week! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lachlan Maloney

Bing bong Guten Nacht


Marcia Charles


Cameron Reid

Go Jeremy!!


Clay Wright

Go you good thing 🤙🏼



Keep up the awesome running and fundraising! You rock!


Amanda Charles

You should be very proud of your efforts, well done and a fantastic achievement. Again, I am very proud of you.




Fiona Mcrae

Amazing running - & such a good cause Congratulations


Vivienne Stagg


Amanda Charles

I am very proud of what you are doing.


Daniel Ichallalene

Speediest boy in the east


Conor Day



Jeremy Charles


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Goood work ledge


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Run faster ;) but don't pass out plz and ty



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You have a beautiful soul Jeremy<3


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great work Jeremy!



My most wholesome friend!! Go you!



Did I win?


Jane Lewis

Well done Jeremy! 👏


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Great running for a great cause Jem!


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We’re all so proud of Jere-you x


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Awesome stuff!!


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Eugene Thomas

great work man, best of luck!


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great stuff friend



See you at 6.15


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Go Jeremy 🖤


Robert W-s

Think of me on your next 26k <3


Lucas B

You killed it my friend, super impressive stuff. You should be really proud


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Great work Jem 💙


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Awesome Jeremy 👍




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Nice work weapon! 😎😎


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Amazing work as always Jerry!