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Barton down the hatches!!

Ahoy me hearties! 

Wether the be a salty dog, buccaneer, or a lily liveried  landlubber, now be the time to join us fill the coffer with booty for the Human Race! 

All hands ahoy! Come and sail the seven seas with our mates or dig deep in those pockets and hand over your doubloons lest today be the day you feed the fish you scurvy dog! 

Thank you to our Sponsors


Trudy Henderson


Betsy Huhn

Go Liz!!


Casper Caskey


Michelle Coyle

Go you good thing! P.O.W.A. To you girl!


Therese & James

On ya Liz! Great cause and great challenge. May you also see a dolphin or two along the way xx


Sharon Knighton

Watch out for sharks! I mean the ones on the shore 😉