Disaster Response 

 and Recovery 

Our emergency teams are experts in their field, staff and volunteers alike. Support them to help people during disasters and emergencies in Australia.

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The funds you raise towards our Disaster Response and Recovery work will enable Red Cross teams to do their work: preparing people for emergencies, providing comfort and care when disasters happen, and supporting people and communities as they recover afterwards.

Trained emergency staff & volunteers

Teach & support communities in disaster-prone regions

Prepare communities to recover from disasters

How your donations help...


can teach a child to prepare their own emergency kit with special and useful items.


can help fund our service to reconnect families in disasters, reducing a major source of trauma.


can help us deliver a door-to-door support service, checking on residents in the aftermath of an emergency


can go towards a community event that helps with recovery after a disaster


can get a Red Cross disaster outreach team on the road